Dear teachers,
Please excuse me if this message is not at the right place, I didn't know where to post it. I wanted to know whether it is all right for a mere member - not even senior, I mean meEmotion: smile - to answer questions asked by the different members BEFORE one of you sees it? Thanks for your answer!
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I'm not a teacher, but let me add my 2 cents.

There's something in the explanation process that helps me reinforce all that I've learned. So, yes, I like to answer questions myself. I believe that's part of being an aggressive learner. Knowledge that I've taken pains to uncover always keeps a little longer in my brain.

What do you think?
I DO agree with you... Explaining helps in understanding and getting (?) and transmitting.
I was asking this question because it seemed to me a matter of politeness, AND the teachers explain soooo well!
I myself teach English - when I can get a student! -
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Please, jump right in there and answer away to your heart's content!
Yes, indeed. It is a great help to EF.
See? I told you they wouldn't mind.

I used to have a teacher who got mad at me for reading textbooks in class. He himself was doing nothing more than read the books aloud, but he got mad at me for reading by myself (thereby ignoring him). What can I say, he merely wanted me to be a passive learner who waited for the teachers to hand out all the answers
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Thank you all!
Are you being ironical, Mr M. ?
Of course not! Your contributions are of great assistance to English Forums. I for one cannot handle all the enquiries I am confronted with, and am happy to see that another member has taken it into his/her own hands to do so.

Of course, I often check the threads-- including your responses-- if I have the opportunity, and I trust that you are prepared to hear a different opinion if I have one; but I usually say nothing and pass on to other tasks. I am happy to sit back and just moderate whenever possible.
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