I accept the worries swimming in my head for when we return home; chores, lunch to prepare, phone calls to make.

Hello, everybody. Please help me with this confusing "for when". If we use only "when":

I accept the worries swimming in my head when we return home;

Is the meaning of the sentence still the same?

What does "for" exactly mean here? Because, until?
Thanks for your answer!


"for when we return home" appears to be looking forward in anticpation of the problems waiting there. "when" alone might be understood to mean that "accept" happens at the same time as "return home".

ptrenglishfor when
= for [that time / those occasions] (yet to come) when

I can't say that "worries ... for" is a common collocation, but that's what the text has. Here are some examples which I think are better. (It's extraordinary how often "for when" comes up in the subtitles of books.)

Everyday Math for Everyday Life: A Handbook for When It Just Doesn't Add Up 
The Parent's Guide to Business Travel: Practical Advice and Wisdom for When You Have to be Away
The $5 a Meal College Cookbook: Good Cheap Food for When You Need to Eat