hello there,

I am writing a cover letter, but it is not very formal... as in: I'm sending it to a friend who will forward it to one of his conncections who will forward it to the 'right person'... There's no job posting or something like that, more like an "unsolicited application" (is that the correct way to say it?)

Ok, long story short, I'm sending this letter in the body of an email and I'm attaching my resume and master thesis (they specifically asked for that). Is this the correct way to say it? "For your convenience, I attached my resume and master thesis to this email."

I've read on forums that it's either at your convenience or to your convenience, but here, in one way or another, for your convenience feels better to me... So I'm wondering if this is correct?


I don't think you should use "convenience" at all. The person is doing you a favor.

Your friend knows you're sending it, right?

Joe, as we discussed, here is my resume and master's thesis. I really appreciate your help in forwarding this to the people in your company who might have a place for me.
Consideration might be a better choice 'I am attaching my CV for your consideration.' Best not to use contractions - so I am not I'm...

Good luck,