Shandong Institute of Business and Technology is located in Yantai Open Zone of High-technology, overlooking the yellow sea on the east and nestles against the green mountains on the west. With lovely surroundings and agreeable climate, Shandong Institute of Business and Technology is one of a few seaside institutions in China
There are over 8,048 full-time students now at the college. The college faculty and staff number is 802, of whom 492 are teachers,of the teachers ,there are 49 professors, 182 associate professors, 16 post-doctors, 45 doctors and 183 bachelors.
Attaching great importance to developing academic exchanges and friendly contacts with outside world, Shandong Institute of Business and Technology has established intercollegiate exchanges with universities and colleges of and Canada, Australia, Britain, the Republic of Korea and etc. More than 10 foreign teachers every year work here as short-term and long-term English teachers or experts.
Shandong Institute of Business and Technology would like to employ foreign experts from English-speaking countries to teach English language and professional courses on Economics and Business Administrations to the undergraduates during every academic year.
Applicants should have Bachelor's Degree or above, having good teaching experience and under 60 years old.
If you are interested in this teaching position, please contact Ms. Xu Aina, with the resume, copies of the highest academic certificate and 2 recommendation letters.
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Benefits the College Could Offer to the Foreign Teachers
Monthly Salary(RMB):
From 2400 to 4500 RMB per month
Travel Allowance:
?1100 RMB per year
After one year contract finished,the one-way airfares will be covered by the college
Help to deal with Z Visa (work visa), Foreign Experts Status, Resident’s permit.
Free Housing Provided:
Campus Apartment
Double bed rooms with one living room
Private Bathroom
Private Kitchen
Apartment Size: 60 square meters
Free Furniture Provided Including:
TV, Air Conditioner, Heating Systems, Refrigerator, Washing Machines, Phone, Computer with Printer, Internet access, Utilities in Kitchen,
Free Chinese learning courses
Free usage of water, electricity
Free Medical Care Provided:
We can provide the free medical care for indisposition such a cold.
Dear sir,

I am a graduate from india.i have over 5 years of experience in sales.I have relevant teaching experience in computers.I will be completing my TESL course from spain.
Please consider me for a suitable post.I am looking forward for an experience that would add to my english teaching.
Being an asian,i have good sense of respect to chinese traditions and culture.I am hard working,sincere and confident individual.
Please mail me ,if you think i am suitable for any teaching position in your esteemed organiastion.

thanking you sir,

with regards,
krishna raju
Dear sir,

Iam a graduate from the University of Yaounde 1 in Cameroon with a degree in English Language and also a graduate from E.N.S annex Bambili a branch of the University of Yaounde 1 specialised in the trainning of secondary school teachers.Am interested in applying for a teaching job in your establishment with a four year working experience.am also computer literate and could help in English language computer lessons where necessary.

Sir, while waiting for your kind response, i remain your faithfully,

Sawiy Patricia.
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This Shandong Instiitute of Business and Technology is a definite place to avoid. The foreign affairs office over the past three years has changed from bad to worse. First of all the place is not situated in the free economic development zone, but near the No. 17 bus route which goes to Yantai University. Any moron can check an edition of Lonely Planet and see its exact location. What about this free usage of water? These people are downright liars and should be avoided. Ask Martin? Ask Michael? These two teachers will tell you what it's like to have to deal with the foreign affairs office at this horrible place.
sir i am a cameroonian by nationality and aholder of the cameroom GCE/ALs with a 4 years experience in teaching engligh ina primary school in cameroon sir i am intrested in teaching english in china how do i get an application form.
thank you sir as i await your reply .
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sir i am an AL HOLDER with a 4 year experience in teaching english i am computer literate and i wish to be recruted as an english teacher to teach in china.
sir i await your kind response
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Me and my wife are very much interested to teach Chinese students as this will give us a chance to exchange culture with them and an opportunity for us to work for and work with different people in a different environment.

Our experience in the Philippines has helped us maximize our potentials as a person and as a professional. We both have passion for teaching and for our students and these has rendered us effective in the fulfillment of our task in our chosen profession and has inspired us to continue the role of educating and motivating our students.

Should there be any question you can reached us through our mobile no. <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only>

Thank you very much for your consideration.