Forever and a Day

Lilies floating on a dream
Sweet roses, thorns never seen
Soft cherry blossoms swoon and sway
I could look into your eyes
Forever and a day
The clock ticks and chimes
We talk and play
If I were to ask you a question
Two or three
If I told you all my wishes
Would you make them all come true?
Would you paint the Milky way for me
And dance upon the moonlight,
Would you sing at the top of your lungs
And fall into my arms,
Would you show me all the places
Where lovers dare to tread
Where angels kiss the sun
Would you kiss me in the moonlight,
Dance under the stars
Be with me forever
And if we chose to stay
Forever and a Day?
Very romantic!!
i love it
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beautiful sentiments.
thanks guys
i felt like i should write at least one romantic poem:)