My heart is broken
He did break it.
My pain is seeping
That thoughts have rekindled
The rememberance of the night
When he took my humility
Where even the stars
were not ready to shine.
O my heart, forget him
And tell me dear
When you are done!
Hurry up now!
I have a fear
When my thoughts dim
Again I may remember him!
In the desert of my Life
your words were oasis to me.
walking in the hot sun
your concern was the shade.
wandering aimlessly,
your frienship was life giving.
Really lovely words
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Thanks Layal. Which poem did u refer to?
both of them...but the first one is nice
Thanks Layal.
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how did you improve yourself in writting peoms
Actually this is how I write at present. All the 'birthday card' kind of poems were written years back.... Anyway, thanks. I took it as a compliment!