past tense and present tense?
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forget is simple present for all persons except she/he/it: she forgets
forgot is simple past (all persons)
I am glad you pointed out, but I am sorry to say. I know that, I was just pointing it out.
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Sorry! What exactly did you want to know?
so when do you use forgot and when do you use forget?
Forget: "I always forget to lock the door when I go off to work".

Forgot: A: "Did you buy the pizzas?" B: "Sorry, love, I forgot..."
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well,starter please don't panic .It's a piece of cake.Emotion: big smile

1- use ,forget , if you are not careless or when you didn't neglect the matter.Emotion: smile

2- use , forgot, if you were careless about the matter i.e. , when you neglect the matter.Emotion: sad
Sigh It is 'I have forgotten' not 'I forgot'. Tisk tisk

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