When I go onto the login page it says in the very last line of the "Forums Login"-Box:

"Forget your password?"

Isn't that wrong? Doesn't it have to be "Forgotten your password?"?

I mean, you can only forget your password once and then you have forgotten it...
You would only click on that button if you have forgotten your password, not to forget it... ***

I don't want to click on that button, it maybe makes me forgetting my password Emotion: wink)
"Forgotten your password?" = "Have you forgotten your password?"
"Forget your password?" = "Do you forget your password?" or "Did you forget your password?"
Yes, I can see what you're saying. But I don't really agree that you only forget your password once. Isn't forgetfulness more of a state of being? As in you currently are unable to remember your password? I guess, in a sense, you could say that either is correct... but the second one is more idiomatic, I think, especially in this particular situation.
Of course you can forget your password more often than once - but it would be a state which is still important in the present, so it actually would have to be "Present Perfect": Have you forgotten your password?
You did forget in the past but the relation to the present time is that you have to have it now to login again.
But well, if it's an idiomatic, you can't do anything about it Emotion: wink))