Dear friends,

Which one is correct? Or are they the same? In EnglishForward's login page its "I forgot my password". In Yahoo's login page , it is "Forget your ID or password?" which one is correct. Please feel free to comment on anything, my questions, my post, my grammer or my choice of words. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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"Forget your ID or password?"
is wrong, you're right.

Their version could be valid only seen as a offcut from:
"DID YOU forget your ID or password?"
On Yahoo's it's a past simple question using ellipsis, which just means missing out unnecessary words. It's very common in informal speech.

Yahoo's full question would be:

(Did you) forget your password?

Whereas Englishforum's is merely a past simple statement. Hence the difference between '(Did you) forget' and 'I forgot...'

Grammar not grammer by the way!

Hope this helps
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Another example of this is:

'Forgot to go to the supermarket on the way home' said by the person coming home with the omission of 'I' at the beginning.


'Forget to go to the supermarket?' said by the person waiting at home as a question with rising intonation and omitting 'Did you' at the beginning.

Ellipsis is very common in natural speech and is also used in newspaper headlines. Consider:

Prime Minister Injured in Car Crash! which should of course be 'The Prime Minister has been/was injured in a car crash.'

Native speakers merely reconstruct the grammar which is missing to understand the meaning...

Hope that helps...
Thanks mates. So, using 'Forgot your password?' is better? or 'Forget your password?' is better?

'Forgotten your password?' would be better ('Have you' omitted).

However, 'Forgot your password?' is also used frequently in informal natural speech.

Remember though that both of these are non-standard in writing!
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Lost password?
You mean omitting both (Have you) and (your)?
Sorry, I can't understand your suggestion quite well as my English is very poor.
Reconstructing Marius' "Lost Password?"

... I'd say omitting both!

On the other hand we could always change it completely and say:

"Confused? Click Here!" with (Are you) omitted!

We could be here indefinitely...
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