“Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.” Dalai Lama

In a latest exclusive interview with the BBC in his home in exile Dalai Lama called the situation in desperate. "'s repression must come to an end. The stability, unity must come from heart, not simply physical control by force. It is the wrong method. They simply feel they have gun so they can control. But more suppression, more military occupation, more resentment."

The Story Of A Tragedy


47 years in


Chinese soldiers shooting tibetan pilgrims at mount everest


Bad news for : Australia Coverage Tibet Protes


News Tibetan Cry to The World China Massacre in

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Save Tibet
Tibet una Cultura En Peligro (part1 and part2)

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I don't why China is so adament about Tibet as I don't know why Pakistan is so much interested about Kashmir or USA is interested about Iraq etcEmotion: sad
Boycottng the Beijing Olympics. Shame on Mainland China!!!! Emotion: mooning
Mixing sports and politics is not fair but they have no other way to attract attention of the world. Emotion: sad
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"News Tibetan Cry to The World China Massacre in Tibet" ??? You don't know Tibet. You don't know China. You don't know the real fact. You never visited Tibet and China.
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A «free» western mass media lies again and again .
When did Olympics Games get involved into a political issue again?
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