I think I understand the meaning but I can't help but wonder, why "to" not "on" or "of"?

What is the differences? Would you expalin that?

From the street to the South Hall, Fitness Anywhere was showing you how you can train anywhere with the TRX.

Thank you,

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"From here to there" is a common "fixed expression" which describes a range of "things."

"From A to Z," "from monkeys to kangaroos," "from Fords to Rolls Royces," "from fleas to elephants," "from paupers to kings," "from shacks to skyscrapers," etc.
from pairs with to.

from indicates the origin of motion, or the beginning of a range in space or time.

to indicates the destination of motion, or the end of a range in space or time.

A...>>>>>>>> ... Z

to go from A to Z.

The trucker starts his trip in Detroit and he ends his trip in Chicago.

He goes from Detroit to Chicago.

The shop opens at 9 am. It closes at 7 pm.

This shop is open from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening.

After playing in the wet field, the children were covered with mud from head to toe.

I read the whole book from cover to cover. (Meaning: from the front cover to the back cover)

The dinner was wonderful. They had everything from soup to nuts. (Meaning: from the first course to the last course)

This forum is designed to appeal to everyone from novice to expert. (Meaning: all levels of ability)


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Oh, that's how I should read it.

I thought it's like, From the street of/on the South Hall, we are tring to transmit our business concept, you can train anywhere with the TRX.

totally wrong :0
oh, I forgot to say, thank you.

mitsuwao23I thought it's like, From the street of/on the South Hall
So you already knew about the from ... to ... thing?

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sorry, definitely.

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When you mentioned "of/on" I suspected you read both points as describing a single location - the origin of your "transmission."

From the center of the town; from the sidewalk on the bridge.

I couldn't think of a quick way to explain the difference.
to Avanji,

Yes, that's how I read it and felt somehitng wrong. so I posted it here. good place to learn for me.Emotion: big smile
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