I am waiting for a reply to an email I sent about four weeks ago. In this e-mail I asked to confirm the precise dates and terms of reference of an internship I will be doing next year. In the e-mail contact I had with the company before it also often happened that I had to wait weeks for a reply.

I want to start preparing my stay in the country where I will do the internship, so it is important for me that they reply. How do I formulate a formal and polite reminder?

I know they can choose from many interns, so I am really in no position to make demands... (by the way, my first language is Dutch, not English)

This is what I wrote so far:

Dear Dr xxx,

I would be grateful if you could tell me if it is possible to do the internship in the months I suggested. Should there be any questions, I am of course available,

Best regards,

Dear Dr. xxx

I am following up on the email I sent a month ago regarding next year's internship position. I need to start making preparations for the move, and would ask you to please reply, confirming the details of the assignment. You can also reach me at 31-xx-xxx-xxxx.

Respectfully yours,

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Thank you so much! That was of great help!

help out in writing reminder mails to customer in issuing c forms.