im a student and i have to write an email to a school clearing my doubts about and asking some questions related to my entrance exam

im having problem how should i introduce myself in formal way and how to put my doubts and questions in an formal way in the email.

i know the person im writing to in a male and admission adviser and thats it.

please help me!



Dear Admissions Adviser,

I would be grateful for your help with some questions I have about your school's entrance examination. They are as follows.

go though them one by one

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Yours sincerely,

your name

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I'm an employee I have doubt regarding work and I don't know how to send a mail

Here are a few general comments about using the word doubt.

clearing doubts I never hear native speakers say this. Instead, they say resolve doubts.

In addition, if you have a doubt it means that you think you know the answer but you are not sure.

In my experience, students of English often say a doubt when the mean a problem.


I'm an employee Are you telling this to your boss?

I have doubt regarding work Do you mean a doubt or do you mean a problem?

and I don't know how to send an email. Is this the problem that yu are talking about?