sorry,I want to know the format which is an invitation letter invite a Hong Kong business company to my University in China to give a talk to our students
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i want to invite a friend to a birth day party.
An invitation letter format that I can do by myself only and no need for any other participants from my company or any attorney's. I want my family from my hometown to visit me during my daughter's school vacation from outside the country where I am working now. Our local immigration is looking for this letter of mine. Is this possible?
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my sister is france national. she wants to invited me to visit france for some days. i am from pakistan. i am studying in south korea now a days. i have vocations from my university. now tell me the pattern of invitation letter.
i want to invite a boss to a Ph.D.
invitation of Debate competition
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Start by writing as if you were speaking to the other party.

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plz tell me wording for invitation for party which is given by juniors for encouragement to their seniors,but they are not leaving our school
plz rd post abv urs.
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