Hey boss:Finally, is the hour that I has dreamed about 5 years ago where I inform you that I must resign immediately from my position as a counselor.Three weeks ago, my supervisor informed me that you were criticizing my latest behavior and that you have accused me with violations of company policy by ignoring your orders. But it seems that you have forget that I am a human bean not your slave, and dictatorship atmosphere you eventually destroy you and you foolish employees.I really regret for every hour I have spent at your company and I will not spend any minute in transferring my files to anyone else, I am sure that you will figure them out by yourselves if you can play chess effectively.Finally, I will give you 10 days to transfer my savings to my bank account otherwise I will sue you and go to the media for stealing my savingsBye-bye

No letter that starts with Hey boss and ends with Bye-bye can be called formal.

witty piano 556 Formal letter

It is anything but.
And if you send it, you may be very sorry later.
Your next employer will check your previous employers, especially one where you worked for five years.

So write this furious letter to get it off your chest, and then throw it away.

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Your letter shows how furious you are. I think you snapped to write such a strong letter. I don't blame you if you feel unfair. But it always said "don't make quick decisions under the effect of anger". It would be unwise and you might regret later.

Before sending it, I see that it's important firstly to make sure that what you were informed by the supervisor was really true. What if it were inaccurate?

What avoid your boss from criticizing you at your face?

As long as that didn't happen, It's better to wait for some time in order to rearrange yourself with the coming situation.

If you sent them a formal letter and they refused to give you your rights, then it would be understood to use such a strong dialect in this letter. But as long as the letter above is meant to be the first letter. You don't need/have to write it like that. At least make it less severe. You've been patient for 5 years; you can be patient for just a few days.

These are some points that I suggest you to consider:

1- Calm down and think carefully.

2- Don't resign immediately BEFORE you guarantee your position at another place. ( I mean to guarantee finding another job that fits your aspirations)

3- To be a counselor is an important job. You don't need to state the importance of your occupation and the efforts you've made during those five years. They will realize it once you leave. We have saying that says, "You will not know/realize the value/importance of something/someone until you lose it."

4- If you want to teach them a strong lesson, then from now you can apply for another job, and when you guarantee your position at the new occupation. Then give them your resignation letter with all calmness. But make it really formal.

5- Don't forget that the whole world now is at a REAL problem due to Covid19. Unemployment is increasing day by day. Too many employees around the world were fired. So, it might not be that easy to find a job during such a special circumstance. It's not exaggeration to say that there is almost "paralysis" in countries due to this epidemic. Even court you, Corona might avoid you from going there.

In conclusion, "don't make quick decisions under the effect of anger" make sure by talking DIRECTLY to that boss.

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