Could you please write a formal letter for me
-thanks for accepting one of the faculty in the forum(named Nor Ratna Masrom)
- Nor Ratna brought the bank draft (usd 100) as needed in the broucher and email gave to her.
- unfortunely the accountant didn't accept the bank draft and she needed her to pay by transferred payment in the account
-she brought back the bank draft and we need a formal letter with their letter head saying that the payment should be in transferred money through bank account.
-we also have to bare the lost due to currency exchanged and the fees.
-we already email few times to person in-charged but no reply
-we already called few times with the phone number in the email and web site but the number is not service anymore.
-we need it as soon as possible

Please .

We don't provide letter writing services. We do, however, assist with structure and grammar. Soif you are willing to write a draft letter, we can help you improve it.

Thank you.


Dear Sir,


We want to thank you for accepting one of our faculty members to attend the Forum #####
on September 2004.

2. As you mention in the email and brochure, we issued a USD100 bank draft as a registration payment. Unfortunately, your accountant did not accept it and asked us to transfer money through the account.

3. To fulfill the request, we need a formal letter from you saying that we need to transfer money to the account number to the person named ####.

4. This is because the bank draft was already issued and we have to pay for the lost due to currency exchanged and the account number is a personnel account.

5. We already email few times to the person-in-charged and made few calls with the number given. Again there was no replied and the number is out of coverage.

6. Hope, you will email to and c.c to or send / fax letter to the above address as soon as possible.

Thank you.
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It looks good to me with a few comments.

1) You are missing number 1. You have numbers 2 through 6.

2) Dear Sir should be followed by a colon. Dear Sir:

3) Make sure you provide your fax number.

Having a letter with six points is a bit unsual. But that is okay. Given that you are dealing with money and confusion, sometimes having explicit clarity is a good thing.

Good luck.

Can somebody please help me out with this:
I want to apply for a job,and I managed to write a letter,except for the end of my letter,where I want to ask some questions about the job,and if there are,let's say,three or four questions I'd like to ask,how would I begin each of them?For example,first one would begin with:I would be interested to know...(I know I have to use indirect speach),I would like to know...,and what else would be acceptable when asking questions?
Thank you in advance
I would save your questions for the interview.
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