Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to complain about your advertisement about the new game that gives everyone the chance to win which I found misleading.

My first complain is that you said there would be big cash prizes. In fact, there is only one chance of winning the prize. If I had known that, I would not have entered. My second complain is that you said the cost of the game is very low, but in my opinion FUNTE 5 a game is not such a small amount of money. Not many people can afford it.

The problems did not stop there. Furthermore, I found out that all the money does not go to the charity. Even worse, 50 per cent of it goes on administration. I must ask you to explain me where the money really goes.

If I do not get a satisfactory reply, I will have to contact the media. I hope that in future you will be more careful with what you are saying.

Yours faithfully
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about your advertisement for a new game that gives everyone the chance to win, which I believe to be misleading.

My first complaint is that you state there would be big cash prizes. In fact, there is only one chance of winning and only ONE cash prize. If I had been aware of this, I would not have entered the game. Secondly, you say that the cost of the game is very low, but in reality FUNTE 5 is not only not cheap, but very pricey. It is far above the average persons price range and their idea of 'very low'.

The problems do not stop there. You claim to be beneficial to charities and play on the idea of virtue, however, I find that your 'administrative' fees swallow up 50% of the money, which is excessive.

I shall expect a satisfactory explanation from yourselves regarding this misleading promotion or shall feel it necessary to contact the relevant advertising Ombudsman and the media. I hope that in future, you shall be far more careful on the accuracy of your promotions and the tone of language which you employ.

Yours faithfully

I love writing letters of complaint and regularly used to persecute my local council. Unfortunately, my wife now works for the Council, so I can't harrass them anymore. Also, and this may shock you, but most 'charities' have excessive costs, and very little money donated actually goes to the cause. In Britain, charities are big business, employing thousands of people and swallowing a small fortune in donations. Gone are the old days when retired people gave their time free and most donations went to the people they should be helping. Oxfam, one of the biggest and oldest charities in the world, has approximately 17% admin costs, which is one of the smallest. Others take costs upto 75%. Some charity chairpeople are paid £100,000s for running their charities.

Good luck with your complaint.
thanks on correction Emotion: smile

p.s. i must write it "excatly" (the idea must be the same as one in the book) as i wrote because that was one of the task in my book. that wasn't my personal opinion Emotion: smile
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i think you did good but nstead of complain it's complaint
Anonymousi think you did good but nstead of complain it's complaint
I think you did well but instead of complain it's complaint.

Instead of "explain me" it should be explain to me.
Hi i m bivas
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Letter of Motivation


I hereby declare that I wrote the following statement of purpose independently without using any sources or auxiliary means other than the ones indicated and that everything stated is true to the best of my knowledge.

I had met my Friend’s father, he was working as a Robotic designer in Kuka Robotics, I met him during one of his visits at my Place, that day he showed what he works on and what advancements are going on right now, I was 15 by then. That day I came to know the possibilities of what the human brain can achieve and what holds the future. By the

following years I had set up a goal in my life, to develop myself for Robotics and coming technology.

I joined Mechanical Engineering as a path towards my goal to gather the required knowledge and skills, started learning the fundamentals of science and basic working mechanisms. In the initial years, I directed my focus towards working hard to acquire knowledge, during which I attended workshops and courses on upcoming technologies as I attended a Solar workshop that focused on Solar panel Technology, its working principles and using it to build a sustainable economy.

I even attended Robotics workshop where we built a wirelessly controlled vehicle system, here I got to know the basics of Arduino and got an experience that made me friendly towards electronics and it gave me the confidence to tinker with electronics and mechanical projects.

During my second year, I along with my dad and my younger brother made an automatic alarm water level system for my house, as we had an overhead tank and due to irregular supply from Municipal Corporation we had to switch the lever ON or OFF accordingly and were experiencing problems like overflow of tank and as well as draining of tank, the project had almost solved our problem but due to electronic components are not as robust as we expected it to be, we had to make a new project using mechanical components, so we used a simple approach using a water float and basic pipeline which drain the overflowing water to our garden area, it proved to help solve the problem.

I, along with my Father’s expertise developed an oil extraction machine that was able to extract pure and home-made Oil for daily household consumption, which proved to be beneficial to our whole family's health.

During our Final year, I along with my team decided to choose a Project which will be closely related to robotic advancements, So we worked on the project entitled “Design and development of Remotely Accessible Stress-Strain Measurement Setup using NI LabView”. The project gave us a hand on experience and skills required to develop a robotic system because our project comprised designing of Frame, Support, basic foundation and Fabrication of the system and we also learned about types of Motors, Sensors, Drives, Microcontrollers required for our project, we made it remotely accessible using Arduino and Implementing IOT Platform. In our project we measured the actual Stress and strain generated in basic structural elements using strain gauges by applying strain gauges at in specific orientations called as Strain Rosettes to calculate various types of stresses on elements at different end conditions, the measured stress and strain was acquired using Data Acquisition System and NI LabView, we verified the experimental results with Theoretical and Analytical Results. In the next part of the project, we had to use Arduino to Implement the whole Project using the IoT Platform thereby making the whole system remotely accessible.

Currently, I am working at Kaustya Robotics PVT. LTD. since the start of June 2019 and here I had joined as a trainee where we were taught Robot Systems, Robot programming, PLC programming for initial 3 Months and thereafter I am working at Kaustya Robotics PVT. LTD. as an Intern and have got great exposure to PLC systems of Industrial automation, Robot Systems and their programming, PLC programming, Hydraulics, and Pneumatics. Kaustya Robotics PVT. LTD. is engaged in the design, development, and manufacturing of Automation Systems, Robotic Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Pneumatic Systems and was able to work on real-time Industrial Projects.

I am Looking forward to a successful career in Mechatronics in Germany, a country that is known for its work ethics, technology, advancements which will surely help me in my future endeavors.

I am fully aware that the graduate program offered in your esteemed university is a Master's program having a top-class curriculum, principles, Faculty to offer knowledge as well as skills, facilities, opportunities required to develop a foundation for my career aspirations.

I eagerly wait for your acceptance as I’m confident that I can contribute to your esteemed university.

please check as I am sending this as a motivation letter to University

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Kristine Kyla S. Go
College Student
Blk. 606 Lot 11 Kingfisher St. Heritage Homes Loma de Gato, Marilao Bulacan
Cell No. 0975-474-2262

September 26, 2022

Mrs. Ma Buenafe DT. Ramos
College Instructor
Pambayang Dalubhasaan ng Marilao
Abangan Norte, Marilao Bulacan

Dear Mrs. Ramos,

I am writing this letter to express my heartfelt appreciation for your contribution to my life and career. I could determine a clear course of action thanks to all the time I spent in your class and everything you taught me.

You were clearly in my mind today as I observed how true my dreams came. You attentively listened to our problems, you comprehended them, and you inspired us to work harder. I became responsible, professional, involved,and, I hope, successful in my career throughout this time.

For my 1st year final exam, you stayed after the regularly scheduled online lectures to make sure we were familiar with the subject. Although you have agreed to set aside time for us, you had to hold those classes for us. If I hadn't passed the test, I wouldn't be here today.

I am powerless to adequately compensate you for your influence on my life. I swear to always treasure the wisdom you shared with us, and I long for the day when I can motivate others the same way you did for us.

I appropriately thank you for the impact you have had on my life. <span;>You were the only person who believed in me when no one else did. I couldn't have advanced as far without your suggestions and encouragement. Again, please accept my deepest gratitude once more.

Your Sincerely,

Go, Kristine Kyla/data/user/0/>

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