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can you give me an example of a business letter
Hello!I have e-mailed(according to instructions) an abstract of my research (I am a psychologist) to the scientific commitee of a congress and received no answer. In what way I can confirm that my abstract has been accepted or get information about about the proceeding followed in such cases.
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i want to write a letter as a sports secretaryof my school to the secretary of the sports authority of india,delhi requesting to have the details regarding the sports scholarshipthat are available in india
The following is American:

Dear Sir/Madam:

---or--- Dear Sir or Madam:




---Note the colon after Madam and the comma after Sincerely and that it's not Yours sincerely in American. Don't know about british.

how do you use the unside address?
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can you please show me an example of a formal letter because i need to write it for my work experience.
I need help writing a formal letter to government. Can you help me .It wiil be forwarate letter. Thank you.
write a letter to your headteacher in which you argue that more should be done to improve the quality of school meals.
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choos ajob that you would like to apply for from the ads in alocal newspaper, and how I write a letter of application .

These question is necessary:
dose the letter include all parts of formal business letter?
dose each paragraph in the letter have a clear purpose?
will the reader know what to do?

some imformation:
Adress: Kuwait-p.o.box 80810
Al Safat,
To: any company
My name Mona Mosa Almosawi
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