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Dear Dena Jones,
Thanking you, I am very pleased to hear that, I have been selected for the interview (manual handling trainer) on 19th may 2005 and to deliver a 10 minutes presentation on “ stressful poster”.
i would like to have a chand=ge of date on my interview how could i frame pls hellp me
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Dear Dean Jones,

I am very pleased to hear that I have been selected to be interviewed (manual handling trainer) on 19 May 2005, and to deliver a ten-minute presentation on 'stressful poster' .

I am very sorry to admit that I am unable to attend an interview on 19 May, and I wonder if it would be possible to change the date to another day convenient to you? If so, I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,
How do you address a letter to a widow- example Mrs. John Doe Or - Mrs Jane Doe?
From a very respectable source, Hallmark.com: "...to a widow, address her as 'Mrs. John Jones'."
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It's not DWI --it's DUI which means "driving under the influence"
DWI - Driving While Intoxicated

Both DWI and DUI are fine, I think.
Sept. 8, 05

Dear Kuya Jack,

Foundry: I think Kuya Jack if you are very serious to
build this Foundry project then I think should hire a
metallurgical engineer expert so that the supervision
in building this project will be smooth.

What do you think to ask Mr. Cornie to find a guy
there in Manila? Because I am afraid if we will just
hire a foundry man that has no enough knowledge in
building the foundry shop.

Ok we will send thru email the drawings of the small
anvil and some horseshoes to Mr. Bhaskar.

Your Brother
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Greetings from Maxell Consultancy!

I am happy to inform you that maxell is looking out for call centre executives with 0 - 3 yrs of experience. This is for a well known reputed company called HCL BPO.

I hope that this requirement will help you to develop your career.

The details of the requirement are herewith given below:

It is not sales or insurance and particularly not outbound but you can be a problem solver.

Requirements: 300 - Customer Support Executive

1. Any Graduate with excellent communication skill and basic knowledge in computers (Operating system, Networking, Internet concepts).Diploma 10+2+3 is must.

2. It’s in bound call center. Only in night shift. One year bond for fresher and more that a year no bond

3. Rounds will be four:

Ø Voice round (one to one)(simple English, sentence formation, no grammatical error, confidence)

Ø Technical round (one to one)

Ø Aptitude test for 30 min

Ø HR final round and the offer will be given

4. The Fitment will be 0-5(1.41 p.a) 6-11(1.49 p.a) 12-17(1.60 p.a). For Eng, Regular MCA and B.Tech fresher (1.60 pa) starting salary.

5. Free pick and drop (with in Chennai limit) and food facility.

Candidates selected will be positioned only in Chennai .
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