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A friend of mine received DWI. He needs to obtain a CD Evaluation and follow-up treatment. I disscuss with his attorney and lcoated a friend a mine who is a CD counselor. I is willing to provide the court with this information, but asked if I would compose the letter, and then he will provide his letterhead and signature. How do I start?

"To Whom It May Concern:" ??

Will I need to introduce this CD counselor by name and qualifications or by stating how he became involved?

Please help!!
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I don't understand your abbreviations?

DWI = Driving While Intoxicated?

Could you explain again (login though, don't send via the guest account)
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How do i being wirting a formal letter?
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please be advise that i would like to apply one day a/leave on 11jan04 due to
urgent matter to attend.
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how do i start writing to a proposed employer whom i have had the discussion with concerning the job?
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Please show me a sample of a well written Formal letter to an establishment.Asking for job opportunity.
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i need help writing a formal letter towards my landlord. Can you help me please. THank you.
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i would like to know how to prepare a profile of a company.
what all points to be covered .the order in which they should be prepared .
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