Could you help me, please? I am from no English speaking country and I need to write two formal letters. Application for admission to the conference and the second is Request for science literature.
Thank you very much.
Have you got these materials or something, what help me? Please send them to the Email Removed.
If you go through the forums then you will find many tips to write formal letters. Why don't you attempt to write one and post it here. Maybe then someone in the forum can do a correctness check or enhance it. In this way you will be able to improve on your English too.
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Hi Santa, I hope our friend comes back soon with something more to offer. It’s very hard to help with so little to go on. Hmm. Maybe this little letter could accompany an application to a conference but I can’t understand why you’d need to write a letter at all. Maybe we can pretend that admission to the conference depends on extra special criteria.

123 First Avenue, No. 5
Normal, KY, 35924

Monday, 28 June 2004

Freda Smithers
Director, Conference Services
Hi-Tek Industries
439 Business Park Rd.
Silicon City, KY, 35978

Dear Freda Smithers:

Please regard this as an application for a place at the forthcoming molecular biology symposium.

Based on the requirements stated in the ad, I believe that I possess a unique mix of experience and skills that can definitely complement the talents of the guest biologists. I shall be able to bring Experience, skills, and abilities that should certainly add to discussions of Modern MicroDissection Technology.

• manipulation of and recovery of single cells and subcellular structures
• gathering of tissue and cells from histological sections, cytospins, etc. for genetic and or proteomic analysis
• preparation of and microdissection of chromosomes
• selective capture of single neurons
• preparation of non-contact pure samples for microarray technology

When I read your advertisement I was immediately excited by the vision and mission of the conference and I knew right away that yours is the kind of symposium to which I would very much like to contribute.



& the magazine?
Maybe if you’re paying by cheque you might ensure that the cheque number is on the letter and that all your details (related to the subscription) are present. Best wishes.
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