I'll be moving to the UK soon, and I need to write in English a letter to prove my French address to the Bank and make it signed by my grand-parents.
But what is the formal way of writing such thingie?

If I translate litteraly from French, it should give something like:

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir/Madam,

We undersigned Mr *** and Mrs ***, certify that Mr COUME our grandson, born on the ***/***/***, reside in our appartment:

"Here should be the courtesy thingie... but what to use for a banker? "

Yours faithfully,

Could anyone show me what is the approriate way to write such letter?

Thanks in advance
Hi Ludo

I think your letter is pretty good the way you wrote it...vous n' avez pas besoin de raconter votre vie!!
I am French too, and I have taken classes in an American college to learn how to write formal mails...
I think you should add the date to your letter
keep the yours faithfully
your grand-parents have to sign it and write their name under the signature ( not sure for the UK but my american teacher insisted on that point)
about the courtesy thingie, depends..
if you have the name of the person to whom you need to send it and if you're gonna meet this person once you're in the UK you might say
" I remain available if you have any concerns and really look forward to meeting you"
if you don't know the person, just say yours faithfully, it is not rude just to say that.
Hope I helped
Good luck et bon voyage!!
it is me again
I would like to correct sthg
since your grand-parents are writing this letter and not you, forget about the courtesy thingie I mentioned because it would be OK only if you write the letter, which is not the case..sorry!!
so stick to Yours faithfully, it won't be rude, especially because the letter is from your grand-parents and they won't have any further contact with your bank in the UK...

hope I am clear!!
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Salut Amandine,

Thank you for helping me outEmotion: wink