Can you please help me with the following.
What is the "Form" and "use" of the following sentances.

1 John lives in Hove.
2 Hes studying for his degree
3 He lived in London for 10 years
4 Hes lived in London for two years.
5 Hes been working hard recently
6 Hed become bored with his job
7 He graduates next year
8 Hes getting married in July
9 Hes going to live abroad

Many Thanks
You certainly meant which tense is used in each sentence?!

1. lives -> Simple Present
---> for generally known facts, truths; habits

2. is studying -> Present Progressive
---> expresses actions that happen just right now in this moment

3. lived -> Simple Past
---> for any action that happened in the past and is now over

4. has lived -> Present Perfect
---> for actions that took place in the past but which result is stil important for the present. Also for actions that have just been finished.
"He has lived in London for two years" means: He has lived there, but now he lives somewhere else.

5. has been working -> Present Perfect Progressive
---> for an action which began somewhen in the past and will certainly be in progress for a certain time. The course of the action is also stressed.
=> In this case, the Present Perfect Progressive should be replaced by the Present Perfect: He has worked hard recently.
"Recently" is a signal word for Present Perfect which refers to that an action has just been finished.

6. had become -> Past Perfect
---> expresses an action that happened in the past, usually already >before
7. graduates -> Simple Present
---> see 1.
This sentence is more likely to show a future event (signal word: next year), so the will-future should be used:
He will graduate next year.

8. is getting -> Present Progressive
---> see 2.
The Present Progress can also be used to express events that will happen for certain, as it is done in this case.

9. is going to live -> Going-to Future
---> is used to express future actions that have been planned.