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can i have a hat plzzzzzzzzzEmotion: wink
You know the last formula 1 was in İstanbul. it was fantastic. My favourite is Reikonen and he won the competition..
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Yes, it was a great race!
It's a really nice circuit there. Not only does it have great corners (like most race tracks :-) ), but it also has some ups and downs.
So, who will win '05? Reikonen, Alonso, or will someone else be able to win?
Hmm..... probably Alonso, but I hope Kimi wins this season! Emotion: smile

Hey, did you watch the Itarian GP!?

Despite the troubles in the closing stage, Mclaren did very well.

Montoya came in first and Kimi finished in fourth. (Poor Kimi.....!! What bad luck!?)

The strongest could be Renault, but the fastest is McLaren Emotion: smile
Yeah! Can anybody be faster than Kimi?

Don't be fool!
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I just read that Valentino Rossi may make a switch to F1 cars at the end of his 2006 season with Yamaha. If he does, it seems he may drive for Ferrari. He has already done some practice with them.
Does anyone think he could be as successful in a car as he is on a bike?
Yay! This Sunday is the Brazillian GP :-)

Any wild tips?
I'll take a punt on Montoya - I think he is overdue for a win.
Rossi said; "I haven't decided whether to go to cars. Maybe yes, but maybe no. ........... I certainly don't know about what I'll be doing in two years' time."

Will the "Doctor" really move to F1 in 2007? Emotion: thinking
I think .......Rossi will probably switch to four wheels when his contract expires, because in the past he said his dream was to become an F1 driver.

I've just read an article about Ferrari on a motor sports website. It says Rossi, Raikkonen and Massa may drive for Ferrari in 2007!! (- I can hardly imagine it will happen for real....)
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I would love to see it happen.
Imagine Rossi getting his car up on two wheels - left, right, front, or back! WooHoo!!!
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