The race which was held in Monaco was a very exciting one. Emotion: surprise

Renault came first, and Ferrari couldn't win in Monaco. Actually, half of the drivers couldn't finish the race, and it was more heated than I had expected.

Well, F1 in Europe this weekend!!! Emotion: smile
Who do you think will win in Nurburgring !? Schumacher? Trulli ? Alonzo?? Will Montoya do well this time?
Again, I bet on Trulli !!

Is there anyone who wants to share this great excitement and sensation with me?
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Unfortunately I can feel a Ferrari 1-2 coming up. Hard to see anyone stopping Shoemaker after not winning last week.

Button will come 3rd and continue his impressive form.

Talking about F1, I'm meeting Ralf Shoemaker's wife's best friend on Monday!
Hi Chris, Emotion: smile

Are you going to meet Ralf Schumacher's wife's best friend !? Emotion: surprise
Wow...!! Is she a big F1 fan? (Must be!!)
Will you have a chance to meet Ralf & his wife, too?

Hmmm.... You think Ferrari will come first and second. You really think so? I think Shoemaker has been too busy to make nice shoes for his own and didn't have enough time to practice for this weekend. Emotion: wink

Ah... but he doesn't need to practice at all......!!
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It should be an interesting race.

M.S. will be gunning for Montoya for sure!

The Nurburgring track is very fast and there are plenty of places to overtake, so to a certain extent it will boil down to the speed of the cars.
I can't help thinking that the Renaults may actually have the fastest cars, but are their pitt strategies up to scratch?

One thing is for sure, there will be sparks flying if MS and Montoya get too close. I think MS's feathers have been well and truly ruffled now, and it is possible he will make silly mistakes.

Again there is a strong possibility of a wet track too, so that could really upset things.

I would never have thought I would say it, but I am backing the stench cars - I mean the French cars!
I got it right (see previous post)

1-2 for Ferrari with Shoecreammaker winning and Jenson Button coming in third. I could start making a bit of money with this prediction stuff.

If anyone wants to know what the weather will be like in their part of the world tomorrow, I'll let you know.
Well done Chris!!!

Hey can you tell me when M.S. will NOT win? I want a chance to prepare a celebration! It's not really that I dislike the guy (not really really), it's just getting boring.

Number one records, winning predictions - you are on a roll!
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Not sure about number one records - ask Gladrap about that one!

My predicated weather forcast for Ueda City Japan tomorrow:

Wet, with occasional sunny spells max20C
Thanks Chris,
I'll be sure to remember my brollie.
Tips for the next race? More dancing horses?
Unfortunately, I think it's going to be quite a while before we see a podium minus a Ferrari and especially minus Shoelacemaker. The only way to stop the man is to take him out as Montoya did a couple of weeks ago.

Wise money should be kept on the German Shoeman with BAR taking the runners up spot in the constructors championship.
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