In this age of no competition and absolute monopoly, I am packing my bags and heading towards Italy to watch the Formula 1 live!

I am supporting anyone other than MS to win this Sunday. It will then be worth the money I have spend on travel and tickets Emotion: smile

Montoya- Can he landup at the first podium atleast once this season?
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Our hopes ride with you Santa!!! Well, mine do anyway!!! Emotion: smile

Go Juan, Kimi, Jenson! And almost everyone else!!!!!!

(green with envy) Mike.
Wow!!!!!! Emotion: big smile Santa, are you going to Monza to watch the race!?
Sounds fantastic!!
(.......I want to go there, I want to go there, I want to go there....)

You're supporting anyone ohter than MS.... lol.... yeah, I understand how you feel. Emotion: stick out tongue

The race in Belgium was a very exciting one, wasn't it? I haven't seen such a great race for a long time.....

Montoya? - Well.... I think short-tempered Colombian (I'm his fan.) will show us a great performance again. I'm sure he will.
Renault, McLaren, go go gooooo!!
Will Kimi stand on the winner's podium again!? I hope so...! Emotion: wink

Have a safe trip, Santa.... I look forward to your post here, in this thread. Enjoy the race!
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Yes candy, I am! And I will be among the minority crowd who will not be dressed in red. Remember Monza is the home ground for the Ferrari.

Mike, its good to see people agree with me. Its become too much of MS. I wonder if Senna did'nt have that fatal accident 10 years back, would we have been able to see more competition today!
What a race!!!

Another victory for the men in red. BUT, it was great to see Barichello take the flag! He always seems overshadowed by that other fella.

How was it at ground zero Santa?
It was indeed an amazing race. In a supercharged and electric atmosphere, I dared to watch the race without any ear-plugs on. These machines are so powerful and my respect to all the men in red,blue,black,yellow etc. who have had the guts to drive them at speeds in excess of 300 kms/hr. Full credit to the Ferrari's for the win. At one point I felt Button would take the honours but the two commanding monsters in red had other plans.

Though the results were against what I wished, I thoroughly enjoyed the race.Emotion: smile
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Though I had'nt backed the Ferrari's to win, it was nice to see Barichello on top. The fact that he had started off with wet weather tyres while Schumilator was given a preferential treatement with dry weather ones - Barichello still managed a win even after taking 3 pit stops!
Hi Santa,

I'm really glad to know you enjoyed Monza GP a lot!!
From the beginning it WAS exciting..... and at the end of the race we found that it was surely the day for Ferrari, but I was happy for Barichello's first victory for this season. Emotion: smile

I was disappointed when Raikkonen retired, and so did Alonzo, but I'm sure they will show us a great race next week..... in Shanghai!!

Ralf Shumacher is coming back to the race, and Jacques Villeneuve will take part in the final three Grand Prix of the season.

Hmmm..... who will win in China, and who will come second and third!? Emotion: wink

Let me have a go at this...

1) Michael Schumacher - Emotion: sad MS has not won the last 2 and the law of averages say that he wins this time.
2) Button - He is a familiar face in the podium this season
3) Montoya - -Emotion: smile Purely out of sentiments.

Whom do you have in your mind?
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