Hi All,

Firstly would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in this forum. I know I am new to this forum, however I do contribute regularly elsewhere in the same manner, so I apologise if I have already trod on any 'toes'... I have noticed that some posters seem to just post without actually trying to do the work themselves, that's life I guess.

There is 1 point I would like to mention.

This forum software lacks private messaging. I have seen on a number of occasions, students who would like help on essays and the like, with these obviously being too large to post. They have no alternative other than to send it to a private email address. Someone has to be game enough to post an address, for some this is no issue, for others, a problem. For me personally, this raises privacy/security issues. There are bots that scan forums for email addresses to spam, and I for my part HATE spam.

Is it possible to acquire a private message 'add on' for this software? Alternatively there is a of number relatively inexpensive forum software available that allows for, or has this feature.

Look forward to your comments.

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Yo timbo,

Whatya mean by: some posters seem to just post without actually trying to do the work themselves, that's life I guess?

I agree about the 'add on' software, would be cool.
Please don't worry about having or not having stepped on any toes.
I can assure you that your helpful contributions have already been noted, and that you are regarded highly.
I'll draw attention to your suggestion.
Cheers mate, thanks for your help, and we will get back to you with regard to private messaging.
Have fun,
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Hi Mike,

Thanks for your response.

Check out this site where I also partcipate. The forum is not the flash, but has good features:



PS: Chris wants to gang up on us Aussies...that's 'cause they can't play cricket, rugby or union for s___. (that was a bit harsh).
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I only read it over the last couple of days and not even sure if it was on this site.

To avoid the creepy crawlies who harvest email addresses automatically, it was suggested to type your email address this way: aussieandy(remove this and brackets)@hotmail.com and then the human species can remove the brackets and words within and have the fair dinkum email address. Is that of interest?
Good info Wombat!!
Hey, is this starting to look like the 'Club Aussie' thread or what?
Cheers diggers
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And then along came a KIWI to set them all straight! Ha Ha Ha
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... Almost an Aussie!!! Emotion: smile

Hope you had good travels WW.
Hi Timbo,
You're not the only one that hates Spam and we don't recommend that anyone put their e-mail openly in any part. Those bots are nasty.
Normally the people that leave their e-mails on these forums are those that are logged on as guests. When you have registered and have logged on with your name, there is no need to put an e-mail address in any part.
As for the private messenger, it is a good idea though very hard to control and to make sure that the messages being sent are correct and that nothing bad is happening behind the scenes.
Rob W.
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