An inquiry about navigating the various fora:

I was advised that the Who's Online box at the very bottom of the Forum page is the last word on finding who's currently active.

I sometimes find that there are no Mods or Administrators on line (when I would perhaps like to find one.)

The Unanswered Questions list seems to include posts from ALL the fora. I fielded one the other day from the "ESL Writing>>Essay, Report & Composition Writing" Forum. (It turned out to be a mislocated poem.)
To my surprise, Julielai joined the thread as Mod. I don't recall ever seeing her name on the "Who's Online" list. Likewise I see MrP only on very rare occasions, when he visits the grammar and vocab fora. (I had understood that he camps out regularly at Linguistics.)

Am I perhaps not very observant, or is there another "Who's Online" log which I don't know about?

Best regards, - A.
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"Who is online" list at the very bottom has a slight time delay, but you can use the one that appears once you've clicked on the "Who is online" link itself - here it is . It's never delayed.

By the way, if you need a mod's help urgently, you can download Skype and add me or Punky. I'm online almost all day long, so will be able to help you instantly.
Thanks, Lana.

I would suspect the time delay would affect everyone equally, which doesn't go very far toward explaining why Mods from "the other side" are not on the list, while the unanswered posts are.

Are there also regular members who hang out over there and are not on the "who's online" list?

Best regards, - A.
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I think it affects everyone, no matter if it's a mod, admin, etc.
Thanks again, Lana.

I'll expect to see Julielai on the list. I note that most of her activity is in the Essay Forum.
It just surprised me not to ever see her - or MrP.

Edit. I just cruised the Essay Forum. I see many of our Grammar regulars over there. I don't have the patience for reading essays, so I don't go there, and very few of them come through on the "questions" list.

It must have just been a coincidence. Sorry for the alarm.
Hi Avangi

I often check out the who's online list when on. It gives me a clue where best look for answers to my questions/queries and also I'm aware if I'm the only Mod online. Sometimes I don't appear on the list or people log off, but are still on given to that time delay Lana informed you about. I wouldn't say that its totally accurate. If I am online I firstly check out flashing boxes (Inbox ,then my posts then start answering things). Feel free to send me an PM and if its solved before I get to it all well and good.

I start a job in Malta so not quite sure of my coming and goings for the next 2 months so have put myself as away, although I will still be about.
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Thanks, Dave.

I had earlier satisfied myself as to the accuracy of the list by comparing it to the posting times. I've found it to be quite reliable and consistent, the delay notwithstanding.

I generally find someone still on the list up to twenty minutes after their last post, which is a pretty good deal. I had had bad luck on a couple of occasions PM-ing someone just after their last post, but I can certainly live with that.

I was just curious as to whether there were mods from "the other side" who didn't show up on the "forum page" list. It was seeming that way, but I now realize it was just my poor powers of observation.
Ah, yes, I have finally seen Julielai's name on the log. Now if I can spot MrP, I can rest in peace.
I just wonder who is moderating all those specialized forums like songwriting, and medical/dental English?
I don't often pop into medical English but am quite happy to keep an eye on it where possible. (I tend to patrol the new posts from anywhere so see more the people who are still moderated). I haven't taught medical English yet but am expecting to soon, as I'm a former paramedic.
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