I was trying to post a link to a website, and it was not working because there were five 0s (zeroes) in a row in part the URL. The URL instead was shortened to two 0s, making the link not work. I tried then to use the letter O to stand for 0, and the five Os were also shortened to two. Is this a glitch, or is there a reason for it?

The link that I was trying to use can be found on this page ("Folding Standard Letters"):

When I write the direct URL (with the five zeroes), it comes out as this:

Even when I write five zeroes or five Os, they come out as two:
Hi Lakshwadeep,

we used to have a lot of posts where instead of just writing "Hi" we would find "Hii<---20 x i" for example.
So we made the system remove duplicate letters automatically.

What you can do is highlight your link or text and add the proper link via the button on the left of the smileys up top "Insert/edit link".

Or you can let me know which post you wanted to add that link to and I'll edit it for you.