'a four-letter man'
Does it mean 'a disgusting man'?
Do you also say 'a four-letter woman' or
'a four-letter person'?
Thank you.
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As I said, registering would be a good idea.
I've only heard four letter word.
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I found the meaning as "A male homosexual"

Where did you find that, SG?
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Thanks, SG-- I guess I'll have to bookmark that one, too.
'homo' - originally from Greek, meaning 'same' (homosexual = 'same sex', has nothing to do with homo/man!)

"four-letter man", Hemingway describes Francis Macomber as a four letter man in 'The Short and Happy Life of Francis Macomber' published 1936. I too would like to know what being a 'four-letter man' means? Anyone, any other ideas??
The 'Online Etymology Dictionary' says that 'a four-letter man' is a euphamism for 'a shit', so now we know!
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