Hi every body, I put here four paragraphs, I hope thery are not too long, can someone please check them for me?
If it its too long then just part of them.

Most smokers get short breath especially when they exercise or when they running to cutch the bas, because their blood cells which carry the oxygen from the lung to the body carry the carbon monoxide. So the amount of the oxygen in smoker blood will be less than for nonsmoker. Also nicotine stimulates nerve cells and smoker feels anxious or relaxed after smoking. Do not forget that your breath, clothes and hair will smell tobacco. Your teeth look yellow or gray. Also it damages and dries your skin and your fingers and nails stains yellow because of the tar on the cigarette. You will see sing of ageing early on young smokers like the wrinkles under their eyes. Smoking spoils the teas of food especial dessert

Smokers will have many health problems like oral cancer, heart diseases, lung cancer and other illnesses. Lung cancer it happened for long term smokers. There are signs of lung cancer appear on heavy smokers, but they are commonly ignored, such as long standing cough and chest pain. The black areas on the lung and they are a result of the tar accumulation from years of smoking. Smoking also has affect on the heart. The nicotine will rise the adrenalin in your body will affect in your blood pressure and rise your heart rate which will cause a tight squeeze on the heart arteries. Also the oxygen amount on your body will be less because some of the blood cells will be carrying the carbon monoxide instates o the oxygen.
According t the website the Statistics from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) did a study tat show that smoking kills over 440,000 people per year in the United States. It did a comparison on number of people who died because of the Smoking, Vietnam War and the World Trade Center towers collapsed. the result where shown as his: approximately 400,000 Americans died in World War II, 58,000 American soldiers died during the Vietnam war, and 2,800 people died when the World Trade Center towers collapsed. However, the number of deaths caused by smoking is over 157 times greater than the World Trade Center, 7.5 greater than Vietnam, and exceeds those of World War II. (www.scientificpsychic.com)

Non smoker get annoyed and harmed when they are with smoker in the same place. This called passive smoking, it is when you set with a smoker and breathe the smoke form that person’s cigarettes. Also kids with smoking parents have health problems and breathing problems. Some pregnant women smoke just to help them throw the pregnancy stress and not to gain much weight. But they don’t realize that their babies will become passive smoker. All the chemicals pass form the cigarettes throw mothers bloodstream to the babies and because the carbon monoxide cause less oxygen the babies will not grow as much they should be. Smokers will spend a lot of money on cigarettes during their life. It not only money it is also years from their lives.
I work for an online editing and proofreading service. Please see my profile for more information. I won't revise all the paragraphs here, but I will show you the changes I would make in the first paragraph, followed by an explanation.

Most smokers become short of breath when they exercise or when they run to catch the bus. Their blood cells, which carry oxygen from the lungs to the body, also carry carbon monoxide, so smokers have less oxygen in their blood than nonsmokers. Nicotine stimulates nerve cells, changing the smoker's mood from anxious to relaxed. Smokers also have breath, clothes and hair that smell of tobacco. Their teeth often look yellow or gray. Smoking damages and dries your skin and stains fingers and nails yellow. Young smokers show signs of aging early with premature wrinkles under their eyes. Smoking spoils the taste of food especially dessert.

Your paragraph is a decent one, but I corrected some mistakes and restructured some of the sentences so they are easier for a reader to follow. Because you started the paragraph referring to "smokers" (objective third person point-of-view) I eliminated the instances in which you used the second person ("your breath", "your teeth"). Always try to be consistent in your point of view throughout an essay. Good luck!
I notice now that I didn't get rid of the "your" in front of skin. The sentence should read "Smoking damages and dries skin and stains fingers and nails yellow." Sorry about that.
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