I know that this is the beginning of Gettysburg Address, but I don't know what actually it means: Why four score? I guess seven years ago can be calculated and the answer will be-perhaps Declaration of Independence?
Thank you
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The vigesimal or base -20 numeral system is based on twenty (in the same way in which the ordinary decimal numeral system is based on ten). Twenty is the sum of all fingers and toes on unmutated human hands and feet, and is the product of five and four .

SO 4 SCORE = 4 X 20 + 7 YEARS = 87 YEARS.

1863 - 87 = 1776.
is score = to 20 yrs?
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yes. Not that it is restricted to years. Anything could be counted in scores if you wanted.
87 years!!!
4 score, 4, 20 year periods!!
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