I know that this is the beginning of Gettysburg Address, but I don't know what actually it means: Why four score? I guess seven years ago can be calculated and the answer will be-perhaps Declaration of Independence?
Thank you
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A score is 20, so four score and seven years is 87 years.

The bible says that a mans lifespan is three score and ten - so 70 years.
Thank you very much, and do you happen to know what happened 87 years ago?
Oh it's 1776, it's Declaration of Independance. nevermind..
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what scripture?
Psalms 90:10, I believe.

A score is 20 years, thus four score and seven years ago equals 20 X 4 = 80 + 7 = 87 years ago. The Gettysburg Address was delivered by Abraham Lincoln 87 years after the signing of the Declaration of Indenpendence.
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Thank you for the last response, but I believe all this information was already supplied earlier in this thread.

Best wishes, Clive
I love your tango, btw, Clive. Emotion: smile

Thank you.

I see that you like geese in the snow. I like this saying by Lao-tzu (Li Erh): The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.

Best wishes, Clive

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