Could anybody correct these three sentences for me?
(1)There are many susis in this bowl.
(2)There are many kinds of susis in this bowl.
(3)Susis origin from Japan.
(4)There is sour flavour in the rice of susis.
Many Thanks in Advance
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Vctory Ongis it incorrect?
- No, but it sounds far too formal, and I can't think of a context where I would say this.
It doesn't sound natural.

These sound better:

There is a lot of sushi. (most common; informal)

There is a great deal of sushi. (more formal)

There are many pieces of sushi.

Ther are many kinds of sushi.

There are lots of differerent kinds of sushi.

If you next question is, "How can an English learner know what sounds natural and what doesn't?" I'm afraid there is no easy answer. Lots and lots of experience reading and listening to English will eventually give you a feel for what sounds natural. Or you can always ask here.
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My problem is how can a English learner know what sounds formal and what doesn't?
I asked so because our exam requires us to write very formal English.
Many thanks in advance