pack off dust, bring back fresh

pack off miss, bring back hope

how many dust had lick up truness in heart

how many miss had take up grievance in heart


fresh washing up smear, give back puerility

hope pacify agiony, release true love


be thankful, be grateful, be appreciate

towards great wind
This one has a bad mismatching of register (e.g. smear vs puerility). It needs grammar and punctuation checks, like the others. Your form and vocabulary is very attractive, but then you repel the reader with the lack of language structure.

Keep working at it; you have promise.
Thankyou very much for the comment, teacher.Yes, I know my grammar are awful.Emotion: sadI always wish to improve.Will teacher give any suggestion for me to impove my english(not only grammar but all aspect in English.)?I will try my best.