Would you help me with this one?
What does the man say?

Ps:I'll post my France24 questions here.

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Please Help!
It would take forever to transcribe this. With two people talking at once and the speed of his speech it's more of a chore than most people want to undertake.

... rabbits are pets and if you have a rabbit as a pet you don't ... ??? ... I suppose.

... ??? aspect ??? ... That's what it's about.

If you're a ... lover in the West, you don't .... buck? bug?

If you've been brought up doing it in Southern China,

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... and then I can't, like, leave, 'cause there's continuously, like, the east... [broken off]

Thank you very much CJ

As a nonnative person,I sometimes get disappointed when I can't figure this sort of things out and think maybe it is my Listening skill that is faulty So you're saying that this is even hard for the natives to figure out?If yes,why does he talk like that in these cases when people can't understand him?
Numbers 1 through 3 are pretty difficult to get all of, but number 4 is quite clear:

But with many Americans tightening their belts over the past 18 months, they're an increasingly attractive alternative to the High Street.

(The voice sounds British, which would explain the use of "the High Street".)
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