Hi people,
I just wanted to annonce to you (or rather warn you) France has just elected a new president Nicolas Sarkozy. I fear that the France you knew by today, will change awfully and become completely different in his spirit. I personnaly consider this guy as the most dangerous one we could elect for the presidence of this country. I supported Segolene Royal. I'm quite sad, and feel ashamed about my country now... Emotion: sadEmotion: crying
Have you heard about elections here?
And what do you think about this elections, and overall about the candidates and the winner.

Whatever he'll do in the next year, just remember all french people isn't like that..... shit of country!!!!
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Well... I don't know much about the Frech elections I have read a few things, but for what I heard in the second round there was the socialist and right wing candidates, sadly I don't know what are their opinion about the differents topics that is going on in the world and in their country.
Hi Elmuchacho,

I know a bit about the Sarkozy vs. Royal war. It seemed like the youngsters were supporting Royal and the middle-aged were for Sarkozy.

There are lots of people who've been calling him names like Fascist and all.....and i don't know much about him, except for his election agenda. He is not in favor of illegal immigration and he is looking forward to restore the french identity, which he and others feel have been lost over a period of 12 years.

Well, it sounds good for the country......

But on second note, his statements to media like "He has been thinking of becoming a President, all the time, not just while shaving" etc.....and his zeal for power, stand him in a threatening position for the society as whole.