Free at the point of delivery

What does this mean? It is so hard to grasp. Here are some examples...

Does the "delivery" mean, "patients being moved to a hospital"?

Usually termed in the United Kingdom the NHS. Founded in 1948 and now the English NHS, the Scottish NHS and

Northern Ireland NHS. It is a generally available and free at the point of delivery health service funded from general taxation, rather than through social insurance schemes (National Insurance in the UK would be regarded in most other countries as a general tax as its rate bears no relationship to the state benefits that result).

Because providing healthcare takes scarce resources, offering it free at the point of delivery would raise its cost and reduce its availability. A complex funding system has shunted the costs of care from services which were free at the point of delivery to more means-tested provision.

Much depends, of course, on what you mean by 'free'. For the purposes of this survey, I adopted the phrase used to describe Britain's National Health Service medical provision: 'free at the point of delivery'. In other words, you get something real and useful, of lasting value, with no catch or punitive small print, and you pay nothing in monetary terms for its procurement.

That doesn't mean there is no cost. National Health Service beneficiaries meet the cost of their treatment through taxes and national insurance contributions; free software users, in general, pay through investment of their time.

“It is immoral and thoroughly sickening. It is nothing more than a tax on being ill. The National Health Service is free at the point of delivery but we are now having to pay through the nose to get to the point of delivery.”

You don't pay directly for the prescription drugs or medical services when you provided with them (at the point of delivery), thus they're "free." 

But you're paying (through you nose) through your taxes. In the end, not cheaper, and not free.

The National Health Service is one of the cheapest healthcare services per head in the world, with the best averaged metrics in the world.
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I got it!

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References, please. IOW -- prove it!

We pay considerably less than the US with their scam of a healthcare system.

Love the NHS.