Hi, I'm taking CAE Cambridge exam in a few months. I've bought lots of grammar books and some tests books but I've spent so much money that I was wondering if any of you know where I could find free Cambridge exams on line.

The only on-line resource I know where you can find sample tests is the Cambridge ESOL examinations page itself.

Here's the link to CPE exam: http://www.cambridgeesol.org/teach/cpe/index.cfm

And you're right, text books are pretty expensive...

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Thank you Gallopingfoxley for your answer.

I've found another useful site where you can get FCE, CAE and Proficiency tests, appart from exercises, forum, etc.

http://www.flo-joe.co.uk /
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I've found this old thread when searching something about the CPE exam. I'm at present looking for a job, and having passed this test is required in many of the offers I've seen in my field of interest. I'm afraid I'm not approaching "a standard of English similar to that of an educated native speaker" yet, but, anyway, my question is, is accent an important issue? Or is any accent acceptable (as long as the examiners can understand what words I'm saying)? I've perused the whole Cambridge ESOL web site (well, not the whole), and I haven't found anything in this regard. Thanks!

If you take a look at the oficial site of cambridge , you'll find some tests to download. it migth be of some help...
ì have taken the CPE exam some time ago and just recently received my results. what startled me a bit was that i got mostly As, except for the part i used to think of as one of my strengths - the speaking part, in which i received a D. though i have to admit that parts of the test did not go as planned, i do not consider myself that bad a speaker.. so my only explanation is the examiners taking into consideration my heavy american accent (i spent quite some time abroad, so it was inevitable). if that were the case, it would seriously alter my impression of cambridge esol.. so i hope it is not. consider this an answer to your question though, as it is (almost) impossible to get a hold of those examiners to ask them about the truth behind this theory.
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For free Cambridge First Certificate exam practice I used:

They all had activities and worksheets so I ended up passing the exam. For CAE practice tests I've used flo-joe and exam English.

I hope that helps!!