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thank you it helped alot with ideas. i do agree with most of your topics and i made an a on the paper i wrote using your topics so thanks again.
i realy like these topics.thanks.
i'm up to debate for one of these with all who wants to.
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Whilst you have some great topics here for class debate, you really need to proofread anything you put onto the web, especially if it is intended to help learners of English.
hi, im a student and we're conducting a research but i don't know what topic to choose . i wan't one that is interesting fun and have many sources . can someone help me with these ? thanks Emotion: smile
it's really something you have gathered so many discuss topics here,above all ,thanks you ,whatever you can see it or not,i will write down my mind about those topics one by one in future ,everday i will answer one question and post here,actually ,when we chatting with our friend on internet or social website,discuss some special topic it's really helpful for us to improve our english skill and increase our vocabulary day by day,i found that if we just chatting with our friend free topic every time,some times later you will be have no words can discuss,it's really tough to communicate continue,so thats' why we have to discuss some special topic every time to keep fresh.

for today is my first day to discuss here,i will leave some words about my mind for topic 1

as far as i know ,almost 90 precent family like that ,husband is the main income source in family,so husband should be making much money for your family live more easily,because wife normally have to quite her job when needed by faimily ,such as when want to get a baby and have to take care baby after born,at that time all income of the family from your husband,so husband have to in charge of the income and more responsbility after baby born,but also have some exception,on the contrary,husband in charge of taking care of baby and wife will be bring money in the family,as for me ,i was born in traditional family ,affect by my family,i think i should bring money in my family,so i have to strive to work and make much money so that my wife and my kid can living more easy and conformtable, from my point of view,i don't like get money from my wife,i like use my ability and i like challenge.
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Keep it up,go ahead,today is my second day for discussion the free topics ,today i will give my point of view about topic 2

women are less intelligent than men,actually ,for me ,i don't agree with you about this conclusion,not really ,on the contrary,sometime i found that women more careful and intelillgent than men,such as take care baby more careful than men,also some boss of big company are women on the position and do it well than men,normally women think about some quesiton more thorough than men cause women more rational than men when met some problem,as you can see ,in nowdays,more and more women as the big boss in national company and did it very well ,business prosperous day by day,traditional,in peoples mind ,women always weak than men,so we think about women less intelligent in any filed compared with men,actually ,it's not really ,and prejudiced for a long time,not fair,even though i m a man ,but some prefect women of my friends has get big success in their career and business, i have a friend who set her own business when she just 21,it's really something,she graduated from beijing university,as we all know,this is really famous university of the world,at least in china ,ranking number one of the unversity,normally ,she can find a nice job which have high salary and conformtable work environment,but she give up to find a job after graduated resolutely,she feed many snakes and learning the feed skills as a fresh start,many times later ,she has a big farm and hire many experts in her farm,she really successfuly eventually,she made a big money,actually ,druing she created the farm by herself,her family and her friend totally don't agreen with her and oppse her's idear at the very begging,she never give up and insist to now,she met many many difficutly and unperdictable problem,she has resolved one by one and never give up .really something ,so that's why i totally don't agreen with your opion about women always less intelligent than men,i just said is a true story happened around my live.
Keep it going on,today i will discuss computer are very important in education,i see,it's definitely right,as far as i know,in nowadays many school and teach are using computer aid teaching,such as make some ppt before teaching,and play the ppt at class room,for the ppt is good at can be playing back or stopping in anytime just decide you,and also ,student can take it back home and review again,comparied with traditional teaching style,it's more easily for teacher and student ,also ,we can download many many good study materials from internet which sharing by other person,and study on computer by self,if we have no the computer ,we can not study such free materials,in my memeory ,we i was in high school,my school just bought one computer which is 486,and put in our video room,everyweek we can get one class from the computer cause our school have many classes,at that time ,all of the students are very exciting when studying with computer,ten years have past,in nowdayas,as we all know ,amost every family have one ot two computer,so it's popularat moment ,it's easily for teach and plan on computer ,also for education ,it's really big helpful,i think
Hi Ting,

I don't know if you have written interesting things or not, because I find it impossible to follow your thoughts. It's because when I try to read what you wrote, I can't find where each sentence starts and ends.

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Follow again,today about fifth topic i discuss,knowing english equivalent to get college degree,not really ,i think ,even though english is very import in our daily life,such as communication ,work and study,if you can speak english well ,maybe you can communication with foreginer friend more easily,but you know ,the experience of studing in college also more important for us,for instance,if you want to get a good job which have high salary you have to get the bachelor degree at least,also you can speaking english and writting english well ,that's you can get job in international company,if you just can speaking english well ,maybe you can not get such opportunity,because each company think the education backgroud as first condition when choice the resume, because if you have the college degree that's proving u have get the formal education before,you can deal with some thing by youself and you have some ability what they want.so from my point of view,not only import for speak english well ,but also have the college degree also very important.
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