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Hi..i am interested with this.. I am in favor of banning smoking..
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smoking becomes the addiction ...and banning is the best option to stop.
i also like to debate on this topic childhood is the best time in life i want you to give me some point for the motion pls i need it now

I think that no part of YOUR life can be viewed as the happiest, because your likes change as you get older, as when you are young, sure, you are happy not paying for things, being immature etc. However, a older person will gain happiness in different ways im sure, being with their family, holidays from work more and etc.

So overall I think that it is an opinionated question, which depends on the person asked, and I also think that it is pretty much unanswerable

Probably didn't help but oh well.
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You disagree smoking should be banned?

You cant say this, as even though smoking directly harms a person, and so banning it, is the same as banning drugs, because it kills. If you say that its the person's choice to smoke, that isn't quite so, Nicotine pretty much forces people to carry on, and is put in to cigarettes for this reason, so people get addicted and literally, cant quit. Also Smoking does't just harm the person smoking, it impinges on the lives of the people around the smoker, for example, second hand smoke can get into the lungs of people who don't smoke, and also, cigarette litter is a problem. Smoking also creates a bad smell, which most people hate, but cant help avoid.

It should be banned to protect everyone, smoker or not.
I agree that childhood is the best time,but as i saw many children who suffered alot due to their situations,so every.time it is not true.that it is the best time,if visit to rural areas than d poverety is there n child labour is there n that children will never be agree wd this point.so.situations matter
These are (for the most part) pretty one sided don't you think?
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yes smoking must be getting banned.. because it totally harmful for human being health

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