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Smoking should be banned if my tax money in medicare is going to pay for their future medical treatment. I think if you are going to smoke then your rights to public money for your health care should be revoked
Interesting that you say that. I've read a new philosophy according to which we copy thoughts from our environment since childhood. These outer thoughts define strongly our values, responsibilities and what we should do in life, and therefore they become outer wills that eventually replace our own original will, our own original thought (it falls into the unconsciousness).

It has really helped me to understand myself and find my way back to what I once was, so I warmly recommend that you look it up.

The philosophy is called: Alkuajatus - The Original Thought, and you can find it with a google search.
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hi, I'm an Englsh teacher and I'm going to use these topics in my class but I really like to find a person and talk to him/her about them!
Thanks anyway!
i need a debate about social and networking among a students...pls...help me...Emotion: stick out tongue
Men are worse gossip more than women.
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Anonymous Men are worse gossip more than women.
Men are worse gossips than women.
I disagree, childhood is memorable career because we r honest and don't pretend .
somkin should b barned
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hello, i'm nando, i agree with your statement that smoking will be making our lives is wrong. every day, i always met with the smookers. they are so wrong.
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