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tnx for the great list u put up there
i wonder how can i trigger the debates in my classes and stir them.almost always my students go silent after giving their general ideas about a topic.any suggestions?
according to me i smoking should be banned
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commonly I agree with that statement, but that can't be generalized to everyone. Some people found their happiest time in various periods in their life. and I think the most important factor is "what" makes people happy, is it depend on external or internal aspect..
Hi.Sorry,I prefer not to mention my name,Of course I agree that smoking should be banned because smokers do not have the right to make others(non smokers) passive smokers.We want,and have the right ,to live in a clean area
Smoking is bad for your lungs. i understand if u cannot quit this hobby, BUT know that yo ur like can be changed if u quit the smoke its a joke.
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