I would like to learn ESL through internet websites.Plz.. provide me any site address for this and for a free software download for the same.
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I like to improve my communication skills and to learn more glittering ,hi-5,stylish words, in the normal usage.

Can you please help me if you can
Hi to all of you... I myself am an english learner, and forever I will be for english will never remain constant. What is not acceptable today may be accepteble in the future. I just wanted to share with you my learning experience. Before I got here in Dubai, (I actually grew up in Philippines) I was worried about my english, like "oh no, nobody would correct me anymore if ever I make mistakes and I would never want to get used to my mistakes." I was a Psychology Professor in the Philippines and I thank the English Professors I used to work with because they constantly correct my english whenever they hear my wrong grammar, hehehe... Emotion: embarrassed

Modesty aside, people here in Dubai think I am really good in english, which is contrary to what I believe in. And so I really was afraid that I wouldn't have anybody whom I could consult about my grammar. Until I accidentally found this EnglishForward. I was searching for the meaning of "benefit of the doubt" through the net when I came across Clive's very concise and clear explanation. Then that's when I started to join this forum. I love this forum, I learn so much from here and I really enjoy reading all the threads. I just hope I have heard of this forum earlier. This I think is the BEST ENGLISH LEARNING site. It's like being in a classroom with so many motivated classmates and EXCELLENT TEACHERS.

To all my beloved GURUS, thank you so much for saving my life. You are the best!
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Could you tell us please what qualifications you have in order to teach English, and where are you now teaching English? It takes many years to become a good teacher and you need excellent qualifications. Thanks
I would just like to clarify that I am not teaching english (err..I'm not qualified to teach englishEmotion: embarrassedEmotion: big smile) I was a Psychology Professor, not English... So you were asking for the qualifications? The candidate should at least have a master's degree in English, then eventually will be mandated to take up PhD.


IF [A]
Me too, I'm new here and I'm from Mexico, and also I want to improve my english, when I'm speaking I feel nervous and shy, my big problem I'm still thinking in spanish. That's mean maybe I can not to help you.
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hello marcus jacob,

i really very eager to learn how to speak fluently in English. how can i email you?you don't have any email add posted. thanks!

Federico Capilayo

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In addition to already mentioned ESLpod and The Bob and Rob Show, here is another one definitely worth listening to: http://www.betteratenglish.com /
Hi There

The following website might be helpful. It has lots of free things, such as English level tests, fun interactive quizzes and word documents, book shop etc:

Hope that helps

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try to speak loudly in u r room, the nervous come because of u r correct vocablary...
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