I would like to learn ESL through internet websites.Plz.. provide me any site address for this and for a free software download for the same.
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hi marcus,

im angela from the philippines... to tell you honestly my country specially in my school is very meticulous and conscious when using the english language.

some are really prejudice when i comitt gramatical errors. i get so paranoid when i commit mistakes. at home we really dont practice english that often (or i mean we never had an conversation using english at all!)

i have this classmate and he is korean. he is kinda good despite his nationality and we basically talk by the language (english). the problem is when i run out of words to say i... like this one...

i couldnt think of a better words to explain you my situation but honestly i need help with the english language. i have no guts to have long conversation verbally. i really need to be fluent in english.

sounds so desperate... but i really am... please help me...

and if you happen to know other sites that reinforces my weakness in english please list it down here

thank you and have a nice day
Hi, I come from China. i am 28 years old. i want to learn english too, who can help me and with many thank,.

And i can teach englihs for requite. if who want help me pls add my yahoo or email to me

Best Regards

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
The one millon dollars question :

Is there something like a Messenger dedicated to allow people to speak and listen English , by having a verbal conversation with a native English ?

huh ?
thanks For giving us advice
Hi everyone,

I wanted to tell you all that I have created a good resource for learning English online, without having to spend any money. Check out www.freeenglishlearningcourses.com. Thanks!
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
Try http://neuroword.com , I think that it will help you to learn words. There is also possible to make own glossaries if needed.
It looks interesting, Anon, but is limited in the languages it serves. For the confused, the URL is http://www.neuroword.com .

If you look at "create new glossary" you will found lot's of different languages and if you still need some other language just drop feedback and we will add it to you.
Site Hint: Check out our list of pronunciation videos.
Here's a wonderful free website that turns any electronic text into an audio book podcast. It's called YAKiToMe! (http://www.yakitome.com ) and it lets you control the language (English, Spanish, French, ...), voice (male or female), reading speed, and even pronunciation. YAKiToMe! has many audio books in their public library that are ready for downloading for free, too.
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