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Robert,I've already sent you request on Skype to add me.) when are you available for the first free trial lesson?
Hi Sulu! That's great. Can you tell me what country you live in and the time zone? I am in the UK in GMT. I am free all day tomorrow if you want to do it then. what time do you want to meet?
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Robert, I live in Kazakhstan. Now it's 0:21 am. I think we are 5 hours ahead from UK time. Ok, let' s catch up at 10 pm kz time.? What do you think?
That's great. I'll talk to you at that time tomorrow on Skype. Just to check, Kazakhstan is plus 5 hours in the west and plus 6 hours in the east. So you live in the west?
Hi Robert, I live in central part of KZ in Astana city') Probably we are 6 hours ahead!
OK, I've already sent you request for connect on Skype.

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Hello Robert,

I am looking for some free english lessons, can you help me a bit with my english? I can start tomorrow from 5 p.m. in UK time. Emotion: smile
hi Robert
I want to learn English . Can you help me . and my English is very poor.