Hi! I’m an American English teacher. I create free English lessons and share them on Youtube (link in my profile)

I would love to get some feedback from English students

  1. Do you use Youtube to help with your English?
  2. What topics/English problems do you need help with the most?
  3. (if you watch some of my videos) What did you like/not like about my lessons?

Thank you! Keep studying hard, you can do it!

Hi GrantEnglish,

First of all thanks for sharing your English skills with others. It is valuable for people who can not have opportunity to buy paid contents.

I have not deeply checked your video yet however your videos seem well prepared. I will watch them later.

In additionally I would like to give a small comment to you. "YouTube" is the correct typing. "T" should be uppercase.

Have a nice day.

What a great idea! I watched the "Will Smith lesson" and it was interesting and different. You use cultural literacy in a unique way. Good luck with it.