Free Health Care In America.

Many people in America do not have adequate health care benefits. Insurance policies and health care should be provided for the masses free of charge, as it is in some countries. In fact, I agree with this point of view, health care services should be provided at no cost for all Americans regardless of their economic position. Health is a necessity, not a privilege of which only moneyed people can enjoy.
As a first point, health is a human right, but sometimes doctors refuse to take care of those citizens who cannot afford the costs of the services provided to them. This is a kind of discrimination against the poor and elderly, because, they are often, the ones that need it most. In addition, those doctors who reject to deal with sick individuals violate their job ethics. Therefore, a good doctor should not be concerned whether the patient has or does not have health care benefits before deciding to take care of that person.
Secondly, by providing free health care services; the number of diseases such as inadequate nutrition, diarrhea, influenza, cancer, and others also well known that have an effect on the poor and elderly would be considerably reduced. Indeed, those services could help to detect and deal with all of those illness that are not treated on time, and that cause many deaths among the lower classes of society.
What is more, health care costs are expensive, many people cannot pay for their visits to the doctor, and moreover, for their prescribed medicines. Heath insurance prices are also rising, which makes more difficult to the poor and elderly to obtain a policy that cover their clients expenses, those just cut down the prices. Therefore, to have a health insurance does not guarantee that the person receives free treatment.
Concisely, we need to develop new programs to help improve the health conditions of the poor and elderly. Health care benefits need to be available for everyone.
It is very discouraging that many people die every day just because they do not have the money to pay for their medical treatment. Health is a right of which everybody must benefit from.
Genera speaking I agree with your view from the humanitarinism, but I think it very difficulty to execute. Many people ( Chinese)employed in state-owned company had the so called free health care before, but now the policy is replaced by the insurance policy even it is not the best solution.The reasons is as follows:

First, the fund is impossible to distribute fairly to everybody.The free health can not cover all the citizen especilally rural area because of the limited money.

Sencond, it led to great loss arsing from without any money from his pocket .Everybody take it for granted when they are ill even not actual ill. The people just go to the doctor for medicine not for medical treatment.They prefer the more expensive medicine,the better treatment ,ignore the adequate medicine for the disease. Just because they do not need pay any money for it and without any practical restriction accordingly.

Third, any case has twofold aspect. We can choose the one relatively tailored to the specific situation .
Finally, i would say free health care sound good but it is impossible to execute well .
well actually, it would not be that hard to execute.

If we have enough money to kill people and send reinforcement troops for our reinforcements in Iraq, why can we not have enough money help and cure people? There are rumors that many diseases have cures, but medical companies are paying them off to keep quiet. If everyone recieved free health care, this could not be possible, and yes some may indeed be rumors; at least it could put them to rest. Also, do we not deserve the "better treatment"? Try going to France for a month. They do pretty well with their health care system... Why is it that America cannot do this, but other countries can? Oh ya....... All Americans need are bribes fully backed with money, and they will do whatever will get them that money.