Hi all,

If you enjoy crossword puzzles or are interested in increasing your vocab., my new free site may be of interest. I am compiling crossword puzzles and posting them to my new site.

Each crossword puzzle has a series of buttons that can help you with each clue. One button will give you the letter your cursor indicates; in fact, you can finish up with each letter unless you guess the word beforehand; also, if you type in the word you think is the answer anothr button will check the word and if any letters are incorrect, it will delete just the incorrect letters. Or you can ask for the whole word. So, even if the clue does not help you, using the buttons you will get the word right in the end.

I hope you enjoy them, they are all free; I am retired and it is just a hobby.


Hi, Jim--

Thanks for the link. May I link to my website at http://ca.geocities.com/Mister_Micawber ? I'd like some of my students to try your crosswords.

Hi Mister Micawber

I would be greatly honored (honoured) if you linked to my site.

A couple of years ago when I was teaching via the internet, some of my Chinese students told me they could not access either Tripod or Geocities. Has this changed?

If so, I have another site suitable for students of English at http://members.tripod.com/hotwombat/index.html

This is a very basic site and may not be suitable for your students. I have not done anything with it since I stopped teaching online, but if you think it would be benificial, I could do a bit more with it. Especially if it can be accessed from China. You can link to it as well, if you like.

Take care,

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Hi Jim,

Thanks very much. Your tripod.com site is also good for lower level students, but that flash advert may cause problems to some accessors-- I know that those kinds of ads always throw my computer into fits. Sometimes I actually have to re-boot.

Anyway, yes, I'd like to link both and see what they can do with your crosswords. I was not aware that there was a problem accessing from China; my website is solely for local Yokohama consumption. I have my face-to-face students using it for out-of-classroom activities.

Cheers, mate.

Hi Mr Micawber,

I forgot to mention my other 'geocities' website for students. It is http://au.geocities.com/jamestlake/

These puzzles are all for printing. I am also converting my interactive puzzles on http://au.geocities.com/freecrosswords/ to printable. That means that on 'freecrosswords' you have the option to either do the puzzle online or print the same puzzle and do it offline.

I hope both sites will be of assistance to your students.

Take care,

Thanks, Jim. That 'drill assistant' software looks interesting, too.
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Hi Mister Micawber

Just to let you know, I have just retrieved my username and have signed on.

I am Jim, the amateur crossword compiler. Am I allowed to include my crossword url in my signature?
G'day, OZ wombat! Glad to have you here, Jim. No, please don't put a URL or link or advertising in your signature here, though we realize other websites allow it. Please put it in your Profile and refer members to that when the occasion arises.

By the way, are you any good at the Times Crossword? I'm working on #23.477 and am stuck on 9 Across: 'Unexpected things found at the bottom of some bags (4-3)'. All I've got is an O at the end of the second word.
.Thanks for your answer, Mister Micawber, understood and accepted.

Re Times crossword: confession time, I am afraid. After looking at a couple of cryptic crossword puzzles in my youth, I regard them as impossible for my small brain and have not even attempted to educate myself in their mysterious ways.
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