You can find free language courses in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian on www.linguasnet.com . This website also provides free information, which is of great help to people who would like to emigrate to Malta, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Romania.

Comments about the website would be very much appreciated.

Hi Bernice

That looks interesting. I haven't had a chance to look at everything yet, but I did notice that the English on the "About the Project" page could use a bit of tidying up. What drew my attention was the fact that the title of the project starts right off with an error: "An European Tool..." should be "A European Tool.."
Hi Bernice, Thanks for the recomendation. You are right! It is very nice and funny. The characters are very nice. It is good for understanding the language, to put it into the brain. Actually, I am trying to learn Romanian because of due to my job I have to go there from time to time and I am starting to use this site. Actually, it looks much better than the other Romanian courses offered on the Interrnet and it is free, while the others are to be paid.

I will tell you more things about the course as I use it.